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All you need to become a Fintech business!

White label E-banking platform

e-Money  Crypto  Cards
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IBAN/SWIFT accounts


Card processing

Trading desk

Crypto wallets



Multibanq Software was created by ex-commercial banks software developers.

The system is designed to act automatically by creating roles and terms, according to the admin requirements. 

Multibanq software is very versatile and can used for many business models:

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PSD2 approved - Ideal for financial institutions
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Crypto module - Generates crypto wallets -ideal for crypto exchange, saving money using third party 
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IBANs - Managing accounts and generating IBAN accounts for customers wires transfers
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Restful API - Can easily integrate with any third party: Commercial banks, Card issuers, Video verifications, liquidators and act..
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Card processing for crypto- ideal for merchants who would like to give option to their clients to buy crypto with
their credit card or with a wire transaction
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Start your fintech business today! 

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Our Back office

Multifunctional , easy to use with full control on your clients activities and your work staff performance. 


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Automatic emailing & notifications system
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Managing different rolls and access permitions
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Transaction screening
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KYC/AML Management
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Build-in security system
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Reports and statements generator
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Multiple admins and management tolls for employees

Cryptocurrency Module 

Create unique crypto addresses for your customers and allow them enjoy a secure crypto wallet, exchange currency, receive and send crypto assents through the blockchain system.

Compatible with Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum networks, including all ERC-20 tokens, stable-coins as USDT, USDC. 
You also have option to create your own coin for your business!

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Blockchain transfers
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Wide range of supported tokens
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Global payment processing
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Dlouhá 730/35, 110 00, Praha 1 - Staré Město, Czech Republic.

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